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Details Demo-Pack-Demoli

.Label: Quatermass.Published: 2000/'p+c quatermass 2000..Packaging: clear tray jewel case with 4 page bookle

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Details The-Law-Governed-Universe

The Law-governed Universe John T. Roberts presents and defends a radical new theory of laws of nature. His Measurability Account affirms that there is an important sense in which laws govern the universe, rather than simply describing it economically ...

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Details Running-the-Show-The-Extraordinary-Stories-of-the-Men-who-Governed-the-British-Empire

May God forgive us for our sorry deeds and for our glorious intentions'. Who were the men governing the Empire in the nineteenth century? How were they chosen and controlled? Were they sane or mad? And why did they do it? From Fiji to the Falkland ...