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Details Demo Pack Demoli

.Label: Quatermass.Published: 2000/'p+c quatermass 2000..Packaging: clear tray jewel case with 4 page bookle

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Details Global Feminist Ethics (Feminist Constructions)

Global Feminist Ethics This volume is fourth in the series of annuals created under the auspices of The Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST). The topics covered herein-from peacekeeping and terrorism, to sex trafficking and ...

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Details Expansions of Feminist Family Theory Through Diversity (Journal of Feminist Family Therapy)

Expansions of Feminist Family Theory through Diversity Expansions of Feminist Family Theory Through Diversity reconstructs feminist family therapy to include issues of race, class, gender, culture, and sexual orientation. The contributors assist you ...

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Details Doing Feminist Theory: From Modernity to Postmodernity

Doing Feminist Theory Doing Feminist Theory critically examines feminist thought from the late 18th century to the present. Organized historically and by theoretical perspectives, it highlights the relationship between feminist theory and practice, as ...

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Details Feminist Film Studies

Feminist Film Studies Feminist Film Studies is a readable, yet comprehensive textbook for introductory classes in feminist film theory and criticism. Karen Hollinger provides an accessible overview of women's representation and involvement in film ...

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Details Einnahme eines feministischen Standpunktes durch Männer?: Analyse eines kritischen Männerforschungswerkes mit der feministischen Standpunkttheorie

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2009 im Fachbereich Frauenstudien / Gender-Forschung, Note: 1,3, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (ZtG), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Diese schriftliche Ausarbeitung versteht sich als Teil einer Debatte von feministischen ...

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Details Rethinking Ethics in the Midst of Violence: Feminist Approach to Freedom (New Feminist Perspectives)

Rethinking Ethics in the Midst of Violence Moving beyond the traditional feminist ethics of care, Bell places an existential conception of liberation at the heart of ethics, arguing that only an ethics of freedom sufficiently allows for feminist ...

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Details Feminist Nationalism

Feminist Nationalisms Feminist Nationalism demonstrates how feminism is redefining nationalism by presenting case studies from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Full description

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Details Feminist Politics: Identity, Difference, and Agency

Feminist Politics This anthology of articles provides contemporary international feminist perspectives on issues of identity, agency, and difference as they pertain to both feminist politics in particular, and contemporary western politics more ...

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Details Feminist Theatre Practice: A Handbook

Feminist Theatre Practice: A Handbook A practical guide to theatre-making designed to take the reader through the stages of making feminist theatre. Organised into three instructive parts; Women in the Workshop, Dramatic Texts, Feminist Contexts & ...

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Details Feminist Art Criticism: An Anthology (ICON EDITIONS)

Feminist Art Criticism 13 diverse essays illuminating the state of feminist art criticism. Full description

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Details The Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature

The Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature Today, a multiplicity of feminist approaches has become an integral part of German literary and cultural studies. This reference sythesizes the wealth of feminist scholarship in German studies. It covers ...

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Details The State of Feminist Social Work

The State of Feminist Social Work Tracing key ideas in feminist social work, and using data from interviews with female social workers, this book examines and explores the state of feminist social work. It is useful for those with an interest in ...

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Details Feminist Ethnography: Thinking through Methodologies, Challenges, and Possibilities

What is feminist ethnography? What is its history? How can its methods be applied? How is feminist ethnography produced, distributed, and evaluated? How do feminist ethnographers link their findings to broader publics through activism, advocacy, and ...

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Details Feminist Linguistics in Literary Criticism (Essays & Studies)

Feminist Linguistics in Literary Criticism Contains essays that employ scrutiny of texts to clarify gender issues in feminist literary criticism. Full description

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Details Feminist Activist Ethnography: Counterpoints to Neoliberalism in North America

Feminist Activist Ethnography This collection reengages 20th century debates on feminist ethnography in a 21st century context. It serves as a critical dialog about the possibilities for feminist ethnography in the 21st century at the intersection of ...

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Details A Feminist Companion to Matthew (Feminist Companion to the New Testament and Early Christian Writings)

A Feminist Companion to Matthew Conjoining diverse methodological and ideological approaches with a focus on specific texts, this inaugural volume to the new series presents ground-breaking insights on the Gospel of Matthew. The eleven essays address ...

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Details The Subject of Care: Feminist Perspectives on Dependency (Feminist Constructions)

The Subject of Care The essays of this volume consider how acknowledgement of the fact of dependency changes our conceptions of law, political theory, and morality, as well as our very conceptions of self. Full description

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Details Oxford Handbook of Feminist Multicultural Counseling Psychology (Oxford Library of Psychology)

The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Counseling Psychology Multicultural and feminist perspectives are characterized by a variety of similarities, and the integration of multicultural and feminist perspectives in counseling psychology has been a key aim of ...

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Details Gender Inequality: Feminist Theories and Politics

Gender Inequality In Gender Inequality: Feminist Theories and Politics, Fourth Edition, internationally renowned feminist Judith Lorber examines various, evolving theories of gender inequality. Tightly structured around Lorber's own paradigm of ...

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Details Feminist Popular Fiction

Feminist Popular Fiction This work is an examination of feminist writers' appropriation of a range of popular genres: detective fiction, science fiction, romance and the fairy tale. It provides a history of each of the genres and a comprehensive ...

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Details Introduction to Feminist Jurisprudence

Introduction to Feminist Jurisprudence Covering the issues in feminist jurisprudence, this book aims to analyse the manner in which both traditional jurisprudence and law have remained a masculine subject despite the vast strides in the achievement of ...

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Details Feminist Policymaking in Chile

Feminist Policymaking in Chile "Investigates the efforts of feminists in Chile to win policy reforms on a broad range of gender equity issues, from labor and marriage laws to educational opportunities to health and reproductive rights"--Provided by ...

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Details Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics

[{ Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics By Pettman, Jan ( Author ) Oct - 08- 1996 ( Hardcover ) } ]